Darunnoor Womens’ Sharia College

About Darunnoor Womens' Sharia College

Taking women empowerment to a new frontier, Darunnoor Education Centre established Women's Sharia College. The Women's Sharia College follows the Wafiyyah syllabus providing religious and worldly education with the objective of creating a new generation of strong, independent and empowered women, eradicating un-Islamic cultures and strengthening Islamic values and ideals. What sets the college apart is that the entire institution, management, staff, students and security alike, are women.

The Wafiyyah has given shape to a comprehensive Islamic course by combining both Islamic and materialistic streams of education for girls. The five years course, aiming to mould a skilled and religious women with a cutting-edge knowledge in both Islamic and materialistic streams. The will be capable of building blessed families and spreading Islam abiding by the Islamic guidelines.

Our Facilities

  • 1 Exclusively for women by women itself

  • 2 Campus administration managed by ladies

  • 3 Boarding facility with safe and secure environment