Darunnoor Islamic Academy

About Darunnoor Islamic Academy

Darunnoor Islamic Academy is affiliated to Darul Huda Islamic University, Chemmad, which provides quality education to students who wish to pursue their professional courses along with strong Islamic values. The current students of the academy are pursuing their professional courses along with Islamic education and boarding facilities for free of cost.

Our aim is to educate students in 12 years term, honoring them with the world renowned degree of HUDAVI, thus coming out as Masters of Islamic Studies and Contemporary Secular education with a good knowledge of Arabic, English, Urdu, Kannada and Malayalam languages.

Darunnoor Education Centre, imparting knowledge for the best of both the worlds, will stand as a ray of hope and a means of attaining a purposeful life for many underprivileged students from across the state. The institution will also help to develop mental and physical fitness of students and capable of choosing any profession in future. The main goal of this academy is to transform young minds into leaders of tomorrow, with ethics and principle, who will garner reputation and recognition, nationally and internationally to represent and change the scenario of the community.

What is Hudavi Program?

The HUDAWI program is a comprehensive Islamic course combining both Islamic and materialistic streams of education for boys. It is a 12 years course (for students from age 12 with outstanding grade five) aimed at moulding skilled and religious leaders with cutting-edge knowledge in both Islamic and materialistic streams.

12 year program of DHIU consists of Secondary (5 years), senior Secondary (2 years), under graduation (3 years), Post graduation (2 years). The two year PG stands as a culmination of the DHIU program providing specialization in particular topics. Currently, DHIU runs five departments which are open to all eligible students who complete their graduation in DHIU main campus, NIICS, Affiliated Colleges and other campuses.

Our Facilities

  • 1 Smart Classrooms

  • 2 Boys Hostel

  • 3 Kitchen and Dining Hall

  • 4 Jami'a Masjid

  • 5 Spacious Playground