About Us

About Darunnoor Education Centre

Darunnoor Education Centre is pioneered by reputed Islamic scholars who have contributed socially and educationally in various spheres of society. Darunnoor Education Centre is set to establish a widespread campus of approximately 12.5 acres of healthy ambiance to approximately 5000 deserving students, who will pursue their respective professional courses along with strong Islamic education.

Darunnoor Education Centre was established in 2014 at Kashipatna, Moodbidri and spread across GCC like UAE, KSA, Qatar and Oman to contribute strong support to the growth of Darunnoor Campus on their day to day expenses and to the constructional works.

Our Vision

To be a centre for intellectual leadership committed for holistic empowerment of the society rooted in moral values and principles.

Our Mission

To offer a comprehensive educational system to provide opportunities for students of different walks of the society instilled with skills and values.

Our Foundation

Shaheed C.M. Abdulla Musliyar Foundation

Darunnoor Education Centre was formed under the Shaheed C.M. Abdulla Musliyar Foundation, Karnataka, which was registered in the year 2013. It was estiblished at Kashipatna by reputed Islamic scholars under the guidance of Shaikhuna Twaqa Ahmed Musliyar, Al Azhari, who has contributed socially and educationally in various spheres of society.

Our Leadership

Assayyed Hyderali Shihab Thangal

Chief Director - Central Committee

Twaqa Ahmed Musliyar Al-Azhari

President - Central Committee

Yenepoya Mohammad Kunhi

Honorary President - Central Committee

Mohammed Masood

Director - Central Committee

Our History

Khazi Shaheed C. M. Abdulla Musliyar had a dream to materialize a Holistic Education promotion providing cohesive educational charity to the residents around Karnataka and he has preserved to realize those objectives with hardship and devotion. Shaheed C. M. Abdulla Musliyar shines like a lamp which lit collective vision by being itself as a gleaming light. By collecting the theory as a practical exertion, combining scholarship, he presented himself as a skillful role model soul. Even when things were not favorable and he got enveloped in many hitches. He bypassed those hurdles; he stands dedicated to the educational advancement and cultural revival. Not being arrogant when people approached him by handling the situation in sobriety, without pride or premonition, he readily crosses milestones with his journey is also a tale of the transformation of the land. By including education as a prime objective, he leads a path of fulfillment and achievement.

By choosing south Canara as a center of activities a complex is built and from here the light of Islam spread across four corners, education economic assistance, moral enlightenment, liberation from poverty all such activities find fulfillment here. Among them, the following objectives are to be realized due to which the people of Karnataka get employed in various fields.

  • Opening of a secular religious coordinating institution representing modern times. A suitable building to be constructed as an initial effort in the direction.
  • For economic security, a transparent blueprint is to be worked out.
  • By doing away with the bad practiced prevalently in the community trying to evolve a stable set of habits; for example, finding ways to readdress the problems like dowry system, excessive spending, etc.
  • Exploring ways to keep the community away from alcoholism, aggressive behavior, fraudulent attitude, robbery, terrorism, etc.
  • Promoting a sense of unity, brotherhood within the community.
  • Exploring ways and means to sustain unity among Muslims and non-Muslims.

Thus the dream of Shaheed C. M. Abdulla Musliyar shouldn’t remain as mere dreams. In order to realize those dreams and to fulfill the aim destination under the guidance and impression of Samastha Jamiyyathul Ulama, the first phase of vibrant Shaheed C. M. Abdulla Musliyar Foundation Karnataka (regd.) is the religious-secular coordinating endeavor named as Darunnoor Education Centre in Kashipatna, Moodbidri, Belthangady Taluk.